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What to look for in a consignment boutique?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Consignment store shopping!

It’s that time of the year again for showing your love and appreciation. It is also a time of celebration, especially coming out of Lockdown 6.0. You made it this far, so why not celebrate in style with a fashionable new outfit that says “I deserve to be spoiled!”. Christmas is almost upon us and brand new designer exclusives look so expensive. Have you considered making a stop at a consignment boutique that offers a full range of preloved designer brands?

Here are a few things to bear in mind to maximise your shopping experience at a consignment boutique:

Regular new-in merchandise

Consignment boutiques that regularly replenish their inventory offer the advantage of fabulous new styles every 1-2 weeks. Shoppers that do not find anything one week should follow these types of stores on social media because you never know what will be “new-in” in the weeks to come. Shoppers who hedge their bets and follow more than one consignment boutique will be able to compare prices for similar or the same pieces, given consignors tend to try their luck through different reputable stores.

Rightly priced means value for money

Look for independent small business consignment boutiques that offer great prices without having to rely on mass-market, promotional sales. Rightly priced, preloved luxury designer brands represent better value for money compared to heavily discounted new or second-hand pieces. This is mainly because they have been through a rigorous buying and fashion statement process (perhaps a few times over), and have retained their appeal over time!

Spare a thought for the original owner that invested immeasurable time and effort to expensively invest in the most popular piece of its time. In the second-hand market, these precious pieces are curated once again for resale for their quality and appeal, and are therefore priced accordingly.

Vested in protecting authenticity, and community

Look for consignment boutiques that explicitly offer a money-back guarantee that all luxury brands sold through their store are authentic. These businesses typically have a vested interest to maintain the integrity of the high-end, second-hand designer market for both consignors and shoppers alike.

Boutiques operating for more than 5 years, typically have established processes and experience to identify non-genuine brands. Such boutiques also tend to have a reliable network of third-party authentication specialists.

Fashion sensibility

Shopping well also means seeking out advice from a knowledgeable and experienced store assistant. It’s a rare find, but there are consignment boutiques out there that actually have their very own personal adviser with a background in fashion design and buying.

A well-located physical store

The purchase of second hand items does not automatically come with a change of mind return policy. It is therefore important to choose a consignment boutique that offers a convenient address to physically inspect each piece for quality, size, wearability and allure before buying. Boutiques located in a prime location with cafes, restaurants, and other entertainment options are great shopping destinations which add to the overall shopping experience.

A clear value statement

Climate change and sustainability is taking center-stage on the world agenda, so why not support a consignment boutique that is committed to the recycling of fashion towards a greener, sustainable environment.

Take the guilt out of shopping for clothes that may end up in a waste dump. The circular / ethical / slow fashion revolution is upon us, and prominent luxury designer fashion houses have been first movers in acknowledging their role in reducing their impact on the environment. Take for example Gucci whose sustainability goals are to reduce its environmental footprint and to choose responsible and well-managed supply sources.


Stop Staring Boutique is an independent consignment boutique located in the heart of the affluent community of South Yarra in Melbourne, Australia. The small business is committed to recycling women’s preloved, designer fashion towards a more eco-friendly, sustainable environment. The business has been operating for more than 7 years, and offers a wide range of authentic luxury clothing, shoes, bags and accessories at great value-for-money prices! Whilst our products tend to sell themselves, the owner-manager, Linda, is always on hand to provide insights from her experience as a fashion designer/buyer!

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