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3 Effective Tips on a Sustainable Year-end Closet Clean up

Quick tips to do a sustainable year-end closet clean up. Upcycle, resell, and so much more!

The year 2021 is almost coming to a close, which means it’s time for the dreaded closet clean up to prepare for the new year!

With the increasing dilemmas of fashion pollution, it’s important to add some sustainable touches - upcycle and repurpose - to cleaning out your closet. It may sound intimidating but doable.

Now let’s go clean out your closet sustainably!

1. Set the date of your closet cleanup

The first thing to get down is the ‘when’. So, when is the best day to do a full-on clean-up? We suggest picking dates that you are completely free - no events or activities. This is to ensure your undivided attention and have clear headspace on what clothes to keep, donate, upcycle, and sell.

2. Create a giant pile of your clothes

This step is probably overwhelming to some people, especially if you don't do closet clean up often and are not fond of big messes. Go to your closet and scoop EVERYTHING out. Don’t worry about making a giant mess; it’s the only way to sort out which ones you can keep.

3. Set four piles: keep, donate, repurpose and sell

Set a pile to keep

From the big pile, go through your clothing items one by one and create a pile of the ones you want to keep for the new year! You’ve got to Marie Kondo this bit; you can keep things that spark joy. Be sincere and have discipline. Another important note to really pick out which ones you’ll keep is to ONLY get rid of pre-loved clothes you haven’t seen or worn in the past six months.

Another pile to donate

As much as possible, during your closet clean up, we don’t want to waste anything and not add up to the fashion pollution.

If you have clothes that are still in good condition, but you no longer want to wear them, donate them. Several organisations and charities in Melbourne are open to second-hand clothing donations; like the Red Cross, and ever popular op shops like Vinnies, and Salvos to name a few.

Please do not donate clothes that are very old and unwearable. The tattered ones can go to your next pile...


Upcycle your clothes! This is one of the most sustainable things you can do when cleaning your closet. Have really tattered jeans? Create something new out of it whether it’s tiny jeans for your tots, a fun denim art project or anything you can think of. Feel free to get creative!

Separate those you want to sell

Do you have luxury clothing items you don’t want or can’t wear anymore, but couldn’t afford to just give away for free? Recycle by reselling it! There are a select number of well-located designer boutiques in Melbourne like Stop Staring Boutique of South Yarra, where you can consign your luxury clothes and make some dollars out of them.

We strongly recommend choosing a boutique that is well established and, like Stop Staring Boutique, know their way around circular fashion. That way you can find the perfect new home for your lovely pieces.

If you want to learn more about selling your designer clothes (from locally acclaimed Zimmerman and Scanlan Theodore to international exclusives like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci), you can contact us and we’ll help you out.

Are you ready to start a fresh, sustainable new year? We hope these tips help you start your year-end closet clean up!

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