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Return & Refund Policy

Stop Staring Boutique does not generally accept exchanges, returns or give refunds on any purchase of second hand items, for whatever reason, unless required by Australian Consumer Law.


However, we are an intermediary with a shop front that strives to protect the interests of customers and consignors alike, and have a vested interest to maintain the integrity of the high-end, second-hand designer market. We therefore offer a money-back guarantee that all brand labels sold through our store are authentic.

For refunds, please contact store management using the contact details in the header above, providing details of your concerns.

The following conditions apply:

  • A refund is subject to proof of purchase, and a written statement from a credible and independent source that the items are not authentic (for example, a statement from a reputable third-party authentication specialist).

  • Refunds are offered for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase.

  • Refunds will take the form of a store gift voucher, debit/credit card reversal or direct bank transfer.

  • Returned items must be in a similar condition to when purchased (subject to photo verification).

  • The customer will bear the cost to ship items returned (if applicable).

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