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The role of consignment stores in Circular Fashion

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Stop Staring Boutique is a consignment store that plays a key role in Circular Fashion by recycling second hand designer apparel.

Whilst there is a growing awareness of Circular Fashion, the landfills of unwanted clothes are still unacceptably high. According to McKinsey, manufactured garments surpassed 100 billion for the first time in 2014. This means today there is an incalculable quantity of landfill garments which could have been repurposed. The environmental pollution crises is in need of more Circular Fashion advocates!

Leading by example, customers who regularly buy preloved fashion tend to be our best Circular Fashion advocates. Through sheer numbers alone, the consumer public are able to create an imposing movement towards a greener environment.

Here are a few circular words of wisdon from New Dress by Depeche Mode:

"You can't change the world

But you can change the facts

And when you change the facts

You change points of view

If you change points of view

You may change a vote

And when you change a vote

You may change the world"

What is Circular Fashion?

Circular Fashion is made possible through the ethical sourcing of high quality, degradable and recyclable raw materials that will last longer. Uncompromising standards during the value-add phase of design and production are key to ensure durability and wearability that suits the fast-paced, modern lifestyle. The high end fashion houses tend to do this better than anyone else, and exclusive designer labels often end up being classics or even vintage for many years to come.

However, intervention marketplaces such as op shops and eBay have historically been popular consumer options which slow down the unconscionable and thoughtless disposal of clothes which pollute our environment. The recent surge in growth of consignment stores provides consumers with a broader range of options as to how they choose to sell or donate their preloved second-hand clothes.

Consignment stores epitomize the slow fashion movement with a life cycle of its own - Consign, Sell, Rehome and Shop preloved once more!

How to participate in Circular Fashion

Be selective in your choices

When shopping for new apparel, make sure you consider the longevity it offers. Check whether your purchase is made from sustainable or long-lasting material, and avoid impulsive shopping for items you have already.

Carefully consider your disposal options

Your choices are varied. Dispose of items using a store’s recycling collection box, donate to an op shop, sell yourself through a platform such as eBay, or consult a consignment store.


Stop Staring Boutique is a consignment store that offers a convenient, one-stop service for re-selling your second hand designer apparel. The service includes:

  • A valuation (buy-out price) based on quality and demand in the second-hand marketplace;

  • Authentication check, which may include a third-party specialist based on value;

  • Steaming and ticketing for in-store display;

  • Marketing using photos and video through social media and our website; and

  • Customer servicing.


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