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Repurpose your Style House of Fashion

TikTok.....have you been spending more time at home? Have you surrendered to at least one of all those recommended activities that popped up on your Instagram feed, from live streaming yoga classes, to baking 10 cakes a week? There is still something that you might not have thought about…..decluttering your closet!

We are not talking about only decluttering your fashion items, but decluttering your life with some spiritual cleansing! Yes, ridding yourself of the guilt of owning that exclusive (and expensive) designer piece that has lost its meaning in your Style House of Fashion.

Take a leaf from Marie Kondo, to inspire you to get things started. The principles are to keep those things that speak to the heart, and discard those that no longer spark joy. Consider that beautiful Scanlan Theodore coat (worn perhaps twice), preserved in dry clean plastic for posterity, holding you back from a self-expression of the new you. Surely, the coat that brings both warmth and pride, is deserving of a brand-new owner who would love it back, now and forever. Owners, both old and new, are reborn in this process of exchange and recycling fashion’s hidden gems.

Consignment boutiques are amazing alternatives to increasing the love and life of once-loved fashion and luxury items. Make someone else happy and be financially rewarded in the process. Reinvent yourself with a new designer look (at a substantially reduced price to new) with meaning and purpose. We at Stop Staring Boutique pride ourselves in being committed to the sustainable practice of recycling our community’s fashion towards a greener environment, reigniting the passion of owners, both old and new, for once-loved designer fashion. Support the perpetual cycle of slow fashion – consign, restyle, shop, and love-again.


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